Brandon Landfried Logo
Brandon Landfried sitting on the garden steps outside the VMFA


I'm Brandon Landfried and this is my personal site to showcase really anything. I truly do not have any plans for what I will be doing with this site. I wanted to challenge myself to make a website without using any modern frameworks and get back to the basics. I work daily with modern frameworks and while they are great I didn't feel like I needed to use one here. I just wanted to make a nice, clean site that was fully accessible for anyone viewing it.

I am a Senior Software Engineer at WyzPlan LLC in Richmond, VA. I live in Richmond with my wife, son and our two cats. When I am not busy doing family things I am most likely playing guitar, stressing over Everton in the Premiere League, or constantly thinking up new projects to do around the house. Please feel free to check out my links on this page and my developer page that currently has a concert schedule app that I put together for the Blue Ridge Rock Fest that I went to last year. I can be connected with on LinkedIn and would love to discuss anything software related.

The headshot on this page was taken by my amazing friend LeeAnn. Check out her awesome business that she runs in Pittsburgh, PA and get yourself some awesome headshots.